Announcing..."As Luck Would Have It" -- the Website!

FINALLY! The "As Luck Would Have It" Website has launched! Now, in addition to the offerings at Home Store Manassas, my carefully edited collection of vintage treasures are available thru Be sure to check it out daily, as there are many more pieces of inventory to be posted. And tell ALL your friends, family, co-workers, strangers you meet in bars....Trust me, they'll thank you for it! At least I will...!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't Cry for Me, Furniture Addicts...

Oh, Dear Readers…DID YOU MISS ME?!? The truth is, I never left you….Au contraire, I’ve been hard at work preparing for the next phase of my furniture addiction. Yes, it’s finally happening….The hunting and gathering of vintage treasures, the late-night dumpster diving, the endless Craigslist cruisings, all have led up to this inevitable point-in-time: the establishment of “As Luck Would Have It” -- THE SHOP!

As I confided in a previous post, the passion of my addiction has been focused on the hope and dream of having some type of storefront, virtual or otherwise, for displaying (and perhaps even selling!) the objects of my desire. And, thanks to Furniture Redo Diva Blanca, an unexpected opportunity was presented that is making the dream a reality.

Diva Blanca introduced me to a lovely and energetic lady named Won who is opening a new home décor mall in Manassas, Virginia. This new venture, “Home Store”, will feature a number of vintage and antique dealers, along with Won’s own stunning collection of imported furniture and locally acquired antiques. This is not your average antique-and-collectibles mall. While we furniture addicts can appreciate the attraction of such entities, Won’s vision for Home Store is even more appealing: a destination for professional decorators and collectors alike, offering a wide selection of high-quality new, vintage, and antique furnishings, all in a fresh and inviting shopping atmosphere.

Indeed, the space occupied by Home Store is so open and light-filled that visitors will immediately feel as if they are in an expansive Manhattan designer showroom. Won’s extensive background in high-end home furnishings is evident not only in the design of the Home Store space, but also in her meticulously selected collection of décor which she has brought in to complement the offerings of the vendors chosen to embark on this great adventure with her – including yours truly!

Yesterday, BFF Richard and I endured a treacherous trip to Manassas to deliver the carefully edited portion of my collection to the space I’m occupying in Home Store. Although forewarned about the snowstorm headed for the DC-metro area, we were not quite prepared for the insane conditions encountered on the route to Manassas. Richard arrived at my home right on schedule, at 8 AM, and proceeded to help me bring down the few items from The Mezzanine (ie, my attic) that had not yet made it to The Warehouse (ie, my self-storage room). We then proceeded to the storage facility and the awaiting moving van, which we filled with the Chosen Ones in record speed.

Although the snow had commenced only an hour before setting off on the road to Manassas, our route on major thoroughfares was already covered in snow. Richard The Brave agreed to drive the 16-foot behemoth while I took the wheel of my trusty Passat (which was also laden with items destined for The Shop). Immediately confronted with icy conditions and resultant accidents, I proceeded at an old-lady pace to our destination.

Arriving an hour and a half later (and a few minutes behind Richard, who somehow managed to pass me along the way!), we rushed to unload the truck and the Passat in the unrelenting snow. Sending Richard on his way to return the truck, I proceeded to undertake the daunting task of merchandising my allotted 9x12 foot Home Store space. I was most fortunate to have negotiated a prime location in the Home Store – the front window space, with the wrap stand directly behind me.

After much deliberation, the resulting display can be seen in this video. Although I haven't quite finished the display (I still need to merchandise the 'smalls', or all the knick-knacks....I was anxious to get home before dark!), I was so pleased how the space turned out, very much as I had envisioned! There are two themes, or stories: Gold/cream/black “Wild Things”, and silver/black “Rocker Chic”. The overall impression I try to convey is that vintage furnishings can blend seamlessly with contemporary items to represent an individual’s unique tastes. As you’re viewing the video, look for these representative items from my collection (some of which you’ll recognize from previous posts!):

From the Wild Things collection:

  • Handpainted mirrored screen:  A recent find from C&T, this substantial piece has a distinctive French flair.  With stylized eagles and gold-painted trim, each panel is solid wood (and it weighs a ton!).
  • White Tiger Chair:  as described in a previous post, this is a restyled 1920s vintage chair.  Very Joan Crawford, don’t you think?
  • Cream Faux-Leather Tuxedo Chair:  With its brass nailhead trim, a very handsome piece that positively screams FABULOCITY!, especially in how it so perfectly complements the mirrored screen.
  • Striped velvet Victorian Parlor Chairs, and an early-1900s Writing Desk:  acquired in Capital Hill.
And, from the Rocker Chic collection:

Do enjoy your virtual shopping tour, Dear Readers….And I will be sure to alert you to the Home Store’s grand opening, as well as all upcoming receptions and special events.  Looking forward to seeing you in the As Luck Would Have It shop!

I kept my promise....Don't keep your distance....!


  1. Very cool, Howard! I've already seen something I want, but I'm not posting that in case someone wants to race to get there first!

  2. LOL! You can tell me in private....!