Announcing..."As Luck Would Have It" -- the Website!

FINALLY! The "As Luck Would Have It" Website has launched! Now, in addition to the offerings at Home Store Manassas, my carefully edited collection of vintage treasures are available thru Be sure to check it out daily, as there are many more pieces of inventory to be posted. And tell ALL your friends, family, co-workers, strangers you meet in bars....Trust me, they'll thank you for it! At least I will...!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Vintage VANguard

Recall, Dear Readers, the trauma I experienced with my inability to transport that most glorious French Settee?  Or, all those moments of doubt when pondering the capacity of the trusty Passat to transport all the delightful treasures I would amass in one vintage décor expedition?  Recall, too, the cry I would lift up to the furniture gods in such times of anguish:  “I NEED A VAN!!!”

Well, TAH-DAH!  May I present…Bianca the Van (not to be confused with BLANCA-the-Furniture-Redo-Diva).  Yes, I finally took the plunge into the world of ubiquitous white cargo vans.  Fleeting associations with snipers notwithstanding, after much deliberation I succumbed to the fact that I needed a workhorse to handle the ever-increasing demands of my vintage décor addiction (and the “As Luck Would Have It” business it spawned).  This was not, I repeat NOT, a decision made in haste.  Oh, no…I thoroughly researched various and sundry vehicles that had the potential of meeting my requirements – some of function, others of form.  There was the Conversion Van, which had the cheesy allure of retro decadence, with its interior limo lights, faux wood trim, and rear seat that folded down to bed (disco ball not included – but was definitely a post-purchase must!).  Then there was the comfortable yet not quite sufficiently utilitarian minivan, which could be dual-purposed to accommodate Sig-O/godsons D&V/god-dog C to and from Rehoboth (and maybe even a vintage trinket or two) – but not, say, a French settee that one might happen to find abandoned on the curb (yep, still obsessing over that one). 

Then, during one fortuitous perusal through CraigsList, I happened upon an ad that sounded most promising: a Ford Econoline “E150” van, which as it turned out was being offered by a local audio-visual company.  After hastily making an appointment to visit said vehicle, I rushed to the company’s location and was pleasantly surprised by the near pristine condition of the van.  And, as if customized for hauling the typical objects of my affection, this particular vehicle had even been outfitted with an interior lining that included chrome toggle-hooks for attaching bungee cords – thus enabling the secure transport of acquired treasures!  (I know…whoever thought I’d be in such a state of amazement over a cargo van?!?)

Only days later, after having a local mechanic give the van a reasonably clean bill-of-health, the once transporter of audio-visual equipment became a regal chariot blessed by the vintage décor gods!  Thus far, Bianca has enabled yours truly to acquire a pair of 1940s dressers from a new Fave Source in the oh-so-trendy Alexandria, Virginia neighborhood of Del Ray (the topic of an upcoming post, I PROMISE!); an early ‘50s card table and chairs set (OMG, just wait til you see pics of THAT beauty!), found at another newly discovered treasure trove in my hometown Ashland, Virginia; a Danish mid-century modern easy chair and ottoman set from yet ANOTHER new source – which is located mere yards from Bianca’s previous owner!….and other terribly fabulous items, all of which will provide fodder for many, many future Furniture Addict tales.

And, guess what just arrived in the mail?  The magnetic signs to be ceremoniously placed on Bianca’s doors, announcing to all that this glorious vehicle belongs to “As Luck Would Have It”!  If you happen to see us during one of our vintage décor hunts, be sure to honk if you’re a fellow Furniture Addict!  But be forewarned:  we brake for treasures!