Announcing..."As Luck Would Have It" -- the Website!

FINALLY! The "As Luck Would Have It" Website has launched! Now, in addition to the offerings at Home Store Manassas, my carefully edited collection of vintage treasures are available thru Be sure to check it out daily, as there are many more pieces of inventory to be posted. And tell ALL your friends, family, co-workers, strangers you meet in bars....Trust me, they'll thank you for it! At least I will...!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Good Thrift Hunting

Thank GAWD that whole Christmas shopping nightmare is over! Although I admit to being the inveterate shopper, I do not enjoy being anywhere near a retail establishment during the weeks/days/hours leading up to The Event. However, I’m also the inveterate procrastinator, so I am doomed annually to join the hoi polloi in the seasonal rite of time passage I know as Holiday Hell.

But, once it’s over, watch out baby! No, I’m not one of those insane people that descend upon Macy’s at Oh-Dark-Thirty on December 26 to dig through the detritus of Christmas Past. Au contraire, on the days immediately following the day, I retreat to the sanctuary of my home to let the healing begin. It is not until almost a solid week has passed that I feel it is sufficiently safe to venture out into the post-apocalyptic world that remains once the aforementioned crazed throngs have exhausted themselves in a Christmas Clearance crescendo.

And so, refreshed from a few days of rejuvenating rest and relaxation, the time came to emerge into the daylight (albeit here in the Washington DC area, bone-numbing COLD daylight). I had convinced BFF Chris that we deserved a full day of shopping, Howard-style, which meant an exhaustive – and exhausting -- crawl through my fave local thrift stores! Check out the video of our adventures at Yesterday’s Rose (for “Half-off EVERYTHING Day”!) and Joseph’s Coat (where everything was also half- off!) OMG OMG OMG!


  1. Love it, H! Do you do any staging too? Liked your finds. All good tips for the rest of us. OK, so my biz partner gave me a Flip for Christmas too (which was embarrassing because I gave him a coffee mug :( And every video I shoot is like 100 megs, too big to upload. What am I doing wrong, oh Genius Shopper and Videographer???

  2. Inspired prose, Howard. You've captured the dis-spirit of the post-season. :)

  3. RealtorAnn, I very muhc want to get into the staging biz, at least peripherrally. In fact, when I launch my AsLuckWouldHaveIt website, I intend to market to stagers and realtors (HINT HINT!!!) RE: Flip....I use a Mac; I found I had to save the video for "Mobile" to be able to load to the Blog. Still trying to figure it all out tho....