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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We Heart The Flea

Oh, what fun!  Once again, I joined BFF Diana the Lady D for our quarterly pilgrimage to Chantilly, Virginia for the DC Big Flea.  The latest antiques and collectibles extravaganza was held on March 6th and 7th at its usual locale, the Dulles Expo Center.  And, per usual, the Lady D beat me there (but only by sheer minutes this time!), so she had nary a head-start on me.

Whereas the previous Flea, in bitterly cold January, had been one of the best attended in recent times, this particular weekend brought with it the first hint of spring – bright sunny days in the mid-50s.  Unfortunately for the vendors, the less die-hard Flea goers decided to spend their weekend on more outdoorsy activities.  Alas, the vendors’ loss was our gain: easy parking, and fewer contenders for the good stuff!

This time around, there was much less furniture offered and instead most of the vendors brought more ‘smalls’ – dishware, knick-knacks, jewelry.  Nonetheless, toward the end of the day I was most fortunate to discover these glorious armchairs, circa 1950s, at the booth of two wonderfully wacky ladies named Sarah Jean and Katherine.  Love Love LOVE these chairs – and the girls who sold them! The chairs’ lines are so elegant yet flirty (much like their previous owners), and the tufted backs are incredibly chic.  Granted, the upholstery is more than a bit tattered, but nonetheless you can see how – with the right combo of fine fabrics – they are easily within reach of total FABULOCITY!

There was so much to see, so many delicious finds to bring to my Dear Readers, that I had to create not one but TWO videos to capture it all!  Be sure to watch them both….There are many varied vendors, some familiar to you from the January Flea and lots new ones with wondrous wares.  So, pop the corn, settle into the comfort of your fave vintage chair (tattered or not!), and let the shows begin!

Part I:

Don't go away!  Here's Part II:

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