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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I just cannot leave well enough alone….

Last year, I discovered a fantabulous 1920s wingchair at that most delightful of places, Class and Trash.  Actually, it was one of a not-quite-matching pair; while both chairs were of the winged variety, and both were covered in the same VERY vintage seafoam green nylon fabric, the legs were quite different on each.  One had very straight Chippendale-style legs, and was reborn into the world of total FABULOCITY as the infamous White Tiger Chair.  The other, with ornately carved ball-and-claw legs, waited ever so patiently for its own dramatic restyling.  

And behold, in all its glorious splendor:  the Flamestitch Chair!  Do watch the video for the full experience, Dear Readers, oh do!


  1. Oh, I have to agree with you, Howard! The reverse is beautiful! I might even like that better, although with green being my favorite color, that might not be an unbiased opinion. They certainly did an amazing job of matching the patterns, though--the sign of a truly first-rate upholsterer.

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