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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Catch-Me-If-You-Can (Episode 1)

My oh my, dear Readers, but it has been a month!  Yes, I know, I have been terribly delinquent about regaling you with stories of my various vintage décor exploits, but it’s been a period of manic activity!  But now, as I calmly sit here with a cup o’ tea by my side and a purring kitty on my lap (and a few Xanax at the ready – alas, only joking about that), I’m prepared to tell all…. But, where to begin?  Let’s start with….

April 3rd, Arlington Civitan Flea.  As I alerted you (don't say I didn't!), the first Arlington County Civitan Flea Market of 2010 commenced bright 'n early at 7 AM on April 3rd.  This is the wonderfully fun event BFF Sharona and I stumbled upon late last year, and which is held the first Saturday each month (April thru November) in a multi-level parking garage in the county’s Ballston area.  Well, let me say, this season is off to a roaring start!  Each row we traveled provided many vintage treasures: an oval oak side table here, a carved wood frame there….But, the most amazing find was a set of four metal patio chairs which proved to not only be of the same manufacturer (Homecrest) and vintage (late ‘60s/early ‘70s) as the Jetson-esque group already occupying my garden, but with seats covered in the same gloriously vibrant mod floral design!  Though these seats have seen their share of fading and grime from exposure to the elements, this Furniture Addict is convinced that a little TLC will bring them back into the FABULOCITY fold.  Truly the discovery of the day. 

But wait, there’s more!  Like, the mid-century oval ceramic plate with faux-croc texture and dated as “1966” on its wood-toned underside (absolutely essential to the Mod grouping I’m planning for the As Luck Would Have It Fall 2010 Transition Collection!)….And this truly amazing and authentic art nouveau plate (I just about D-I-E-D when the good ol’ boy vendor said he thought it was “kinda old”!).   Between all these items and the set of four wooden wine boxes purchased from a young man selling off his mother’s estate of collectibles, there was barely enough room in the trusty Passat for dear Sharona.  Although she was willing to be sacrificed in the name of vintage décor victory, I nonetheless found space for her just long enough to drive us both to our fave breakfast (and pizza) spot, Atlantis, for a meal fit for Flea Market royalty.  After all, we were entitled to gluttony after all that, er, gluttony.

For a live-action experience of our early morning flea-vaganza, watch the video!  And be sure to check out Aaron and Shannon Hase’s “Yuppie Décor” offerings.  This friendly young couple’s spot at the flea was filled with yummy décor and furnishings.  "Hey, Aaron and Shannon – is that framed map of Nantucket still available?"

Next Episode:  Joseph’s Coat of Many Decors….

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  1. Great idea! Love seeing a creative mind work and gain success!!!!!! Hope it continues to grow!