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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Princess and The Flea

She came.  She saw.  She bought CHENILLE!

Friend Diana took my well-intentioned advice from my earlier Furniture Addict posting and journeyed out to the DC Big Flea last weekend….Ok, I can’t really take credit (responsibility?) for Lady D’s insatiable appetite for all things décor (vintage or otherwise!  This is why we get along so famously!).  After all, it was she who introduced me to the wild wonderful world of DCBF, so it is I who has her to thank/blame.

The lovely Lady D excitedly contacted me yesterday to tell me about her DCBF find of the quarter:  a vintage citrus green chenille bedspread that just screams FABULOCITY!.  The thrill of her purchase is best expressed in her own words:  

“It is so hideous it was a must have!   The challenge is can she make it a thing of beauty in the right room???  Stay tuned as she travels the world putting together a room to show off The Green Beast.  Can she do it justice?  This $50 find will costs thousands in the end. ”

(Obviously The Green Beast has had a dramatic effect on Lady D, since she’s not typically inclined to speak of herself in the third person.  But, we all know how profound an impact the perfect vintage piece can have on one’s life, do we not?!?)

I have advised Lady D that a piece of such rare beauty can only be complemented by tangerine sheets and purple patterned pillows (Polka dots?  Plaids?  Oh, why oh WHY must one choose?!?)  Certainly one of my dear readers can assist in locating just the perfect items to complete her boudoir ensemble.  Please, please reach deep into your vast collective pool of creativity (and sources) and help this lady locate goods that befit the beauty of The Beast.  Submit your comments, darlings!

In the meantime, Lady D remains in the throws of her throw….She writes, “It could morph into a canopy for the daybed or, perhaps, a wall hanging, or a throw over a big chair.  I feel this is just the beginning of my walk in the chenille world.  I see chenille clothes, drapes, lampshades,  an entire room of chenille.  A museum of sorts.  A homage.  I paid $50 to ride the chenille train.”  A small price to pay to embark on such a glorious trip!

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