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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Days at Class & Trash

The Fifties are fabulous (both the decade and the age…I have to include ‘age’ since I’m on the slippery slope myself!).  A recent trip to Fave Source numero uno, Class and Trash, resulted in lots of retro and reminiscing:  not only did I come upon some fantastic vintage ‘50s pieces, but also reconnected with high school sweetheart Debbie (yes, believe it or not, I had an actual GF-of-the-romantic-kind at one point in my life….!).  And of course, fellow trash diggers and C&T owners Lisa and Kenny Waldrop were on-hand to entice me with their shop’s wares.

While Debbie and I caught up on each other’s lives (we hadn’t had a face-2-face since Sig-O and I attended Debbie and hubby Rusty’s post-wedding shindig at sister Lou’s delightfully quirky house in Ashland, seven years ago!), I dragged her through the labyrinthian mounds of marvels that always greet me at C&T.  Within minutes, I happened upon on a fun retro barkcloth fabric remnant that simply defines ‘fabulocity’!  This atomic boomerang pattern is so iconic, with colors of pink, turquoise, lime green, black, white and metallic silver on a charcoal gray background.  Imagine this funky fabric on a black mid-century double cushioned slatted bench….Now where might I find one of those?  HHhmmmm…..

Thanks in part to Kenny and Lisa’s assistant Tammy, C&T always has a wide selection of retro California pottery.  I’ve often admired the pastel colors and stylized patterns typical of vintage California dinner- and serving-ware, and on an earlier C&T excursion fell in love with two pieces from Tammy’s offerings.  The oblong serving platter is by Winfield Pottery in their Dragon Flower pattern.  The pink and brown design depicting a desert flower works incredibly well among my vintage hodgepodge!  The round divided relish dish is embossed on the bottom: Lane & Co. Van Nuys, Calif. USA with the number 3060.  From my internet research, I’ve discovered that Lane & Company is another of the prolific California pottery houses of the 1950s/60s.  There are many collectors of Lane pottery items, especially their cookie jars.  The gold, brown, and green designs of this relish dish were airbushed by hand.  Both items are in flawless condition, and are eagerly awaiting their debut in my next garden party (or, for the next time Richard and Sharona stop by for an impromptu happy hour!)

Debbie and I had so much fun trawling the treasures at C&T.  I even managed to convince Debbie and Lisa to pose for a photo among the (other) vintage items (oh, boy…I’m going to be slapped by one or both ladies for that catty comment!  I’ll try to redeem myself by dubbing them “the Class among the Trash”. )  As always, my trip to C&T was sufficiently stimulating as to invoke another Vintage Vertigo attack.  My retro acquisitions were just the right antidote!

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