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Friday, September 18, 2009

Fave Source Alert: DC Flea

To anyone other than a vintage furniture aficionado, the words “big” and “flea” used together are enough to incite a call to an exterminator.  However, we savvy collectors immediately think “shopping event!”  Such is the case this weekend; the DC Big Flea is happening 19-20 September in Chantilly, Virginia.  For those of you fortunate enough to live in the DC metro area, this quarterly event is not to be missed. 

For the admission price of $8, you enter a wonderful world of antique and vintage furniture and collectibles, of all periods and styles.  It is indeed sensory overload:  the Expo Center in Chantilly has two large convention spaces….the Flea takes up at least one building each quarter, and fills it with vendors representing a wide variety of treasures.  I’ve started several new collections based on my trips to the Flea (including 1950’s women’s hankies designed by graphic artist Tammis Keefe -- I have my friend and fellow Flea-er Diana to thank for that!).  However, I’ve also added some wonderful pieces to my vintage furnishings collections, including the two 1930s-vintage wing chairs pictured here. 

I had seen these chairs offered by at a show I attended Summer 2008.  (Friend Diana calls them "hammerhead shark" chairs, because of their curved and rounded backs!)  The vendor, David Haney of Fort Harmar Antiques from Marietta, Ohio,  had quoted a very reasonable price, but I talked myself out of them (I made the silly mistake of asking myself, “Where will I put them?”.  I’ve hence learned that, when you find a treasure, you buy first, and figure out where it’s going to go later!  I’m still teaching this dictum to Sharona….)  In true furniture addict form, those chairs were embedded in my mind to the point where I finally called the vendor and asked if he was still in possession of them.  Fortunately he was, and he offered to bring them both to the next show.  Although I expressed that I only planned to buy the green one, he said that he would bring them both and insisted that he would make me an offer I could not refuse.

On the day of the next show, I ran straight to his space.  As promised e had put both chairs aside for me.  Although I was quite resolute in my decision to purchase only the one, he did indeed offer them both at a price that I could not turn down.  The agreement:  if he could make them both fit in my Passat wagon, he had a deal.  Well, guess what:  they fit, and with great difficulty I got them both placed in my already ‘cozy’ condo!

These are truly spectacular vintage pieces.  According to the vendor, they were originally from an estate in Marietta, Ohio.  Both pieces have beautifully detailed carved frames:  the green chair is the most intricate, with carvings all around the sides and back, and with ‘tasseled’ arms.  The white chair is more graceful, with delicate carvings on the only the front of the arms and on the legs.  The upholstery on both is in impeccable condition, and the seats are down-filled.  And soooo comfy (both of my cats love to snooze in them!). 

In addition to these treasured chairs, I have acquired many other delightful pieces of home décor at The Flea:  Royal Worcester egg coddlers (these warrant a separate Blog posting!), 1960s painted Florentine panels, and some amazing gilded Florentine pieces – including my totally over-the-top gilded lotus flower coffee table (didn’t I promise at some point a posting dedicated to my Florentine gilt collection??  So many treasures to write about!!).  I’ve decided that the next collection to be initiated at The Flea will be vintage oyster plates….I’m sure Diana will be more than happy to help me out with that!

So, if you happen to be in the area, be sure to stop by Chantilly for the DC Flea this weekend….And, as always, BRING YOUR WALLET!!!!  Like any good flea market, most vendors stand ready to negotiate, and with the current market, there are some great deals to be had.  GO STIMULATE THE ECONOMY!

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