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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Foraging for Storage

Through this Blog, you’ve all witnessed my ‘intensive’ (manic?) vintage décor collection activities. It was inevitable that I’d eventually run out of space to put it all. Even the Taj Mahal has its storage limitations, I suppose! So, what’s an insatiable Furniture Addict to do when the walls of his abode are bursting at the seams?

And thus began the dreaded search for a viable storage unit. . Having virtually dipped my toes in the vast world of self-storage facilities via online searches, I cringed at the thought of having to expend the resources on such an expensive proposition. (After all, that’s money that could be spent on vintage finds!) And beyond the expense, there’s the commitment. A yearlong lease? AURGH! Most of my romances have been of shorter duration!

Nonetheless, reality bitched-slapped me into turning my attention away from the pleasurable activities of foraging for treasure and toward trudging around Northern Virginia in search of a suitable (and affordable) repository. After combing through numerous Websites for the major self-storage companies, I narrowed my list down to less than 10 potential locations. Naturally, my preference was for a secure, clean, climate-controlled space of warehouse-sized proportions, convenient to home and office, all within my meager budget. HA!

Armed with my list of locations and a well planned itinerary, I set out one Monday morning determined to conquer my storage limitations. I had decided to start at locations further out from DC proper, figuring that those closest to the city (and hence closer to my home) would be the most expensive. However, I had to temper my budget constraints with convenience; keeping in mind the traffic patterns in the metro area (an region clogged with traffic 24/7/365), I had already down-selected from several of the more suburban areas simply because the times I could easily visit my treasures in lock-up would be severely curtailed.

After visiting several of the first locations on my list, I was convinced that I would not be able to find a facility that would meet most of my needs. (I didn’t think I was being TOO unreasonable with my requirements!) Most places that advertised ‘rate specials’ suddenly did not have any qualifying units available, and the unit size that even came close to my budget – 10’x10’ – would be filled within minutes by only a portion of my existing inventory. I must say, however, that I was pleasantly surprised about one thing: without exception, all the folks working at these storage facilities were polite, friendly, and extremely helpful. I was prepared to deal with the exact opposite!

I happened upon one location that offered a (relatively) great rate, but I knew I’d have difficulty getting to-and-from the site (and with the bounty of vintage booty in my possession, I anticipate many many hauls!). Eventually, the self-storage gods smiled upon me: I found a very secure facility quite convenient to both my home and office, and the delightful sales rep worked diligently with her manager to obtain a good rate. And, they offered a fantastic bonus: the use of their moving truck for a day! (BFFs Richard and Sharona have already been recruited to assist in hauling a truckload of treasures from Richmond!) 

Now I have a 10’x 15’ climate-controlled space BEGGING to be filled with all sorts of vintage décor! In fact, I’m so enamored with the space that I’ve already carried in enough furnishings for a studio apartment! By the end of the month, once I’ve brought in all the latest Class and Trash finds, I’ll need to install a cherry picker to access it all! In the meantime, I make daily trips to clear out the pieces that have accumulated in my Arlington home (the Passat is working overtime). No longer am I living in an obstacle course. Lord only knows what I’ll do once I’ve filled the storage unit to the brim! But we’re many vintage décor discoveries (and related Blog postings) away from that…I hope!


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  2. Alas, if only you had nicer friends they'd let you store your sheet...ummm, treasures in their huge empty basement. Then you wouldn't hadda spend all the money on the storage unti. You could go ahead and buy 17 more chairs. Hey, love you...chairs & all.